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Liaison and Logistic Services for Projects

  • Assist with customs clearance and visa requirements
  • Meet and assist at the airport
  • Transfer to place of stay
  • Booking and confirmation of hotel/other accommodation in advance, and meals

    (cars, vans, coaches, four wheel jeeps as required) throughout projects/expeditions

    Liaison Services

  • Recognizing the diverse range of our clientele with varying requirements and schedules, we coordinate meetings between clients and government officials, friends and colleagues in Pakistan.
  • Arrange travel documents and coordinate flight schedules
  • Facilitate financial provisions
  • Provide safety gear during project executions, adventure expeditions and necessary medical treatment if required
  • Provide camping gear, sleeping mattresses, sleeping bags, tents, toilet facilities, stools and tables (with tents).
  • Provide kitchen equipment, fuel, building fires (camping), crockery etc.
  • Provide local trainers for rock climbing, white water rafting, and other adventure tours
  • Provide local guides during tours
  • Provide rafts for white water rafting
  • Arrange camels for desert safaris
  • Permit process for trekking
  • Arrange cricket tours for foreign tourists and game enthusiasts in Pakistan, and for Pakistani's abroad
  • Provide emergency helicopter rescue
  • Arrange for emergency evacuation from mountains or any place in Pakistan
  • Arrange permit for filming in Pakistan
  • Assist film crews during documentaries and filming